Flytech use the latest know-how and technology to give you complete protection from mosquito and other insects. Our proprietary process provides unique solution to residential houses and offices. Here are the main technical product and process from Flytech.

Advanced Micro-nets
We only use high-quality nylon nets that allows free flow of air and sunlight. This durable net stops any flying insects to your room.

Aluminum fabrication
Our state-of-the art fabrication unit can deliver customized aluminum fabrication unit for your home and office.

Powder coating process
We powder coat the aluminum frames for durability and give it the same colour of your walls and external space.

Machine Net fixing process
We use machine process to tightly attach the mosquito proofing net to the aluminum frames. With this process, the net gets tightly attached to the frames and prevents any sagging.

Skilled Technicians
Finally, we have a panel of highly skilled technicians with long experience who can give perfect installation to your house.

Our technical skills and technology gives Flytech the distinct advantage and long lasting mosquito protection for your home.

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Mosquito bite Each year in India, scores of children and adults are infected by mosquito-borne mosquitoes like dengue, malaria, yellow fever and other deadly flues. In a world thatís getting deadlier, it's important to keep away from mosquitoes and other files that carry deadly diseases to your living room.

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