Flytech's committed team delivers consistent customer experience through customized solution and value-added service. Our proven experience in insect proofing installation and in customized aluminum fabrication products make us the right partner for your needs.

Enjoy the freedom provided by Flytech’s 24/7 insect protection screen. Our tough precision-made aluminum screen is woven to the meet exact specification and quality standards.

Make the right difference with Flytech service

Regular free Service
As part of regular service plan, our maintenance team will visit your house at regular intervals to ensure best use of our solution. During site visit, we clean and check for any loose fitting.

Pest Protection Plan
We conduct periodic inspection at our customers place to suggest remedial pest control steps. We give advice and support you to maintain pest and rodent free.

Customized aluminum frames
We build customized aluminum frames that meet the exact specification of your house/office. We ensure prompt service and exhibit highest quality of workmanship in all our projects.

Our large client base from commercial, residential, or institutional projects is the right testimonial to the effectives of

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