Welcome to mosquito free home, courtesy, Flytech.

Mosquito proofing from Flytech provides life-time protection against any insects, flies or from any disease spreading mosquitoes.

Flytech's unique mosquito proofing use advanced breathable nylon net and attach it to the aluminum frames. We attach these frames to your windows/ doors/air holes using detachable hinges. The 100% breathable 'nylon' fabric used in proofing allows complete sunlight, air and protects you house from any harmful flies.

Freedom from Mosquito
Flytech can mosquito proof your apartment, villas and offices. Our one-time fly protection solutions offer a safe and repellant-free alternative to mosquito protection.

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Mosquito proofing At Flytech, we install customized fly proofing as per your requirement. Our detailed 5 step process delivers high-quality product that gives you complete protection from flies and mosquitoes.

We follow these Five step process for each Flytech installation:

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Technology behind Flytech use the latest know-how and technology to give you complete protection from mosquito and other insects. Our proprietary process provides unique solution to residential houses and offices. Here are the main technical product and process from Flytech.

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Mosquito bite Each year in India, scores of children and adults are infected by mosquito-borne mosquitoes like dengue, malaria, yellow fever and other deadly flues. In a world thatís getting deadlier, itís important to keep away from mosquitoes and other files that carry deadly diseases to your living room.

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